Friends of the Library



"The library is a friend to you - be a Friend of the Library"

The Friends of the Library was formed to help the Libray maintain its role as a center for learning, enjoyment and public service.


The Friends work to promote closer ties between the public and the library. We are a not-for-profit organization, staffed completely by unpaid volunteers.


The books, magazines, CD's and videos that we sell on our Thrift Shelf or at our special sales are all discards and donations from the public.  The money we recieve is spent funding library programs and special needs. We are also actively engaged in community outreach programs.


The Friends meet the first Tuesday of the month in the Library Board Room at 7:15p.m. except for January, February, July and August.


Gifts to the Library


*Display Case for Lower Lobby exhibits *Overhead Video and DVD projector *Computer equipment and printers *Sponser Battle of the Books Team *Support Library Programs *Copier for Long Island History Room




*Cash awards for superior work in research fundamentals for Patchogue-Medford High School students

*Two scholarships for seniors who pursue higher education at college or who attend a business or trade school 

*Sponser SAT workshop for students in need


Community Service


*Maintain a thrift book shelf

*Supply books and magazines to hospitals for paitents and waiting areas

*Supply books to schools for ESL, Remedial Reading and Resource Room pupils

* Fund summer and after-school programs for local children

*Send books to Veteren's Hospitals, correctional facilities and soup kitchens

*Donate baskets of book to local charitable groups for their fund raisers


Annual membership fee is $10 per person, $15 percouple. 

Lifetime membership is $50 per person.

Annual membership for teens is $2.


Mail this application to:

Patchogue-Medford Friends of the Library
54-60 East Main Street Patchogue, New York 11772