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Welcome to the 2023 All Together Now Adult Summer Reading Experience! Report your books/activities here!

Adult Patchogue-Medford Library cardholders 18+ are invited to put on your love beads (and reading glasses!) and pick up on the good book vibrations with your community! Read books and complete activities to earn virtual raffle tickets for a chance to win locally-sourced gift card prizes!  

Participation counts! Adults earn raffle tickets for both reading AND non-reading library activities, including attending a library program, reserving a library museum pass, borrowing an item from our Library of Things, and — in keeping with this summer’s All Together Now spirit – donating unexpired items to help stock our community food pantry and refrigerator. (**Note, the donation activity is not based on quantity. Participants earn 1 raffle ticket per donation drop off, not per item donated; so, for example, 1 item or 5 items dropped off on the same date = 1 raffle ticket earned. Donations can be dropped off at the Adult Services desk.) 

Don’t forget, reading earns raffle tickets, too! Different book formats are encouraged. Books and ebooks, audiobook CDs and eaudiobooks, graphic novels – everything goes during our summer of peace, love, and reading! 

Please sign-up for Summer Reading first before you start reporting! To register for the Adult Program, click here OR stop by the Adult Services Desk to register in person starting on June 1. Once you’re registered, you will be ready to start grooving and reporting on your books and activities using the form on this webpage or in person at the Adult Services Desk. You will earn 1 virtual raffle ticket per 1 title read or activity completed.  

Strive for Five! Adult Summer Participants who harness their flower power and meet the goal of completing at least 5 reading/non-reading activities total will earn a seed prize, tie-dye bag and sunglasses at the end of the program! 

Summer Reading concludes on August 12. Raffles will be drawn and raffle prizewinners will be notified after the program concludes. 

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