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    Autumn Scenes from the South Bay Art Association Now on View

    Why wait for the leaves to change colors when you can see some fall-inspired artwork in the library?

    On view in the Lower Lobby Gallery is Autumn Vistas, a juried group art show featuring select members of the South Bay Art Association (SBAA). The art on display depict scenes of autumn, captured in a variety of artistic mediums and styles.

    The exhibition features artwork from the following artists: Diana Aliberti, Anne T. Baum, Fred Baumbach, Teresa Cromwell, Kystle L. DiNicola, Marion DiNicola, Lorraine M. Fosmire, Amy Fox-Bisagni, Bill Kuchler, Jeff Macholz, Rosanne O’Reilly, Paul Padavano, Jeanne Rogers, Will Ryder, Gisela Skoglund, Pat Sweeney, Joan Tavolott, Sharon way-Howard, Marie Wern, and Mary White.

    Works of Art from Autumn Vistas. Pictured (L-R, Top to Bottom)
    Mary White, Rosanne O’Reilly, Sharon Way-Howard, Joan Tavolott, Jeff Macholz, Bill Kuchler, Amy Fox-Bisagni, Fred Baumbach, Krystle L. DiNicola

    About the Artwork

    The exhibition features a wide range of medias from photography, painting, mixed media and more. One unique piece on display is Marie Wern’s Harvest Moon. A new member to SBAA, Wern’s ink on paper piece depicts an owl situated in the center of the picture plane. The owl rests on a tree branch, devoid of any leaves, with a full moon illustrated behind it. It stares out at the viewer, drawing you into the work. Harvest Moon is an example of pointillism, a time consuming art style where the artist creates the drawing with a series of small dots applied in a specific pattern.

    Marie Wern, Harvest Moon, Courtesy of South Bay Art Association

    The fall harvest is a subject matter visited by many artists in the exhibit. Another artist depicting the harvest is Jeff Macholz. In his photograph, Harvest Time, the artist captures a plethora of green grapes ripe for the picking. Macholz focuses his camera lens on a bushel of recently rinsed grapes. Droplets of water form on the grapes creating a sparking affect throughout the piece. Light bounces off the grapes, which sprinkles in sections of white found throughout the composition. There’s a nice contrast between the focused and un-focused sections of the picture.

    Jeff Macholz, Harvest Time, Courtesy of South Bay Art Association

    What art show featuring fall scenes would be complete without a pumpkin patch? Diana Aliberti’s watercolor, Take Your Pick, depicts a mound of pumpkins ready for carving. Some are orange, some are green and some are somewhere in-between.  The majority of the painting consists of these pumpkins with the artist allowing only some of the uppermost section for a crisp, blue sky.

    Diana Aliberti, Take Your Pick, Courtesy of South Bay Art Association

    About the South Bay Art Association

    South Bay Art Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit arts organization. SBAA was founded in 1956 to encourage the creation and appreciation of the visual arts along the south shore of Long Island. For more information about the organization and a calendar of upcoming events, visit or call 631-256-SBAA.

    Select artists exhibiting in Autumn Vistas:
    Amy Fox-Bisagni, Lorraine M. Fosmire, Pat Sweeney, Mary White, Gisela Skoglund, Will Ryder, Sharon Way-Howard, Bill Kuchler, Paul Padavano, Jeanne Rogers, Krystle L. DiNicola, Marie Wern, Teresa Cromwell, Marion DiNicola.

    Autumn Vistas, a group exhibition featuring members of the South Bay Art Association, is on view at the Patchogue-Medford Library now through October 31, 2017.

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