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Barbie of Yesteryear

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If Barbie can master 200 jobs, so can you!

Contemplating a career change? You’re in good company! Barbie has held well over 200 jobs since the 1960s, taking on an astounding array of roles as everything from a travel agent to a cashier to a veterinarian to a detective to a corporate executive to a Starfleet Engineering Officer – the list goes on! Take a page from Barbie’s book of self-reinvention by checking out some of the vocational help and workplace empowerment resources available through the library.

Find some career inspiration

Career Resources by Profession at Livebrary!

Barbie makeover edition!

When it comes to fashion and interior decorating, Barbie is a total trendsetter! Find ideas and inspiration in her ability to remake herself and her world in our physical and e-book titles on personal style, home design, DIY projects, upcycling textiles, and more! 

Personal Style, Fashion Design, History of Fashion, Sewing & Textiles

Home Design, Decoration, & DIY Projects

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