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Extreme Book Challenge Categories

  1. A book you meant to read last year
  2. A feel good story
  3. A book published in 2023
  4. A celebrity book club pick
  5. A nonfiction deep dive
  6. A romance book
  7. A book with over 400 pages or an audiobook over 14 hours
  8. A book with books on the cover
  9. A new release you’ve been waiting for
  10. An adventure story
  11. A translated book
  12. A book set in the 20th century
  13. A classic book with a female author
  14. A book with a sword on the cover
  15. A book set on or near a body of water
  16. A book about nature
  17. A book with a green cover
  18. A book by an Asian American or Pacific Islander author
  19. A narrative nonfiction book
  20. One of your favorite author’s favorite books
  21. A book with a one-word title
  22. An LGBTQ+ book
  23. A book set in the summer
  24. A book about a heist
  25. A book by an author from Long Island
  26. A book set in North America
  27. A mystery or suspense novel
  28. A sequel or the second book in a series
  29. An author’s debut
  30. A book written in the first person
  31. A biography or autobiography
  32. A book without the word “the” in the title
  33. A book by a popular author you have never read before
  34. A book about a teacher or student
  35. A middle-grade book
  36. A dark academia book
  37. A banned book
  38. A book you found on a library display
  39. A book with a murder
  40. A book with a witch or wizard
  41. A ghost story
  42. A horror or science fiction book written by a BIPOC author
  43. A retelling of a classic fairytale
  44. A book with a cat on the cover
  45. A book with food on the cover
  46. A winner or finalist of the National Book Award
  47. A book under 200 pages or an audiobook under 5 hours
  48. A winner of a Goodreads award
  49. A book about a holiday you don’t celebrate
  50. A book you’ve previously DNFed
  51. A book from a genre you don’t usually read
  52. A buddy read
  53. A YA graphic novel
  54. Two books by the same author (one of two)
  55. Two books by the same author (two of two)
  56. A full-cast audiobook
  57. A book recommended by a library employee
  58. A collection of short stories
  59. A book from one of last year’s challenge categories
  60. A wildcard book
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