Extreme Book Challenge Categories


Grades 3-12

Extreme Book Challenge

  1. A book written in first person point of view
  2. A book set in the future 
  3. Reuse a prompt you loved from a previous year
  4. A Book that takes place somewhere you’ve never been
  5. Wildcard
  6. A door stopper (500+ pages)/over 30 hours in audiobook
  7. An Eisner Award winner/nominee
  8. A true crime book
  9. A microhistory
  10. A book by or about someone who is neurodiverse
  11. Give a book a second chance
  12. A love story
  13. Award-winning nonfiction
  14. A book with a dragon 
  15. A book published before you were born
  16. A book you want to read based only on the cover
  17. A biography/memoir of someone still alive
  18. A book with an animal protagonist
  19. A ghost story
  20. A satirical book
  21. A book in any genre by a Native, First Nations, or Indigenous author
  22. A dystopian book
  23. Macavity Award winner/nominee
  24. A book recommended by another Extreme Book Challenger
  25. An audiobook
  26. A book by a trans or genderqueer author
  27. The first book in a series
  28. A book you’ve had on your “to be read” list for too long
  29. A book that takes place over a single day
  30. A book that teaches a skill, craft, or art
  31. A book about mental health/ mental wellness
  32. A political thriller
  33. A gothic novel
  34. Experimental fiction/ written in a non-traditional format
  35. A book by a local author
  36. A young adult book
  37. Nebula award winner/nominee
  38. A book with a religious element
  39. A book by a journalist
  40. A space opera
  41. A murderless mystery
  42. A book with an unreliable narrator
  43. A book with recipes
  44. A book by an author writing under a pseudonym
  45. Standalone Fantasy
  46. A book by or about an immigrant
  47. A banned book
  48. An own voices book
  49. Bram Stoker award winner/nominee
  50. An antiracist book

Extreme Book Challenge Jr. Categories

  1. book with silly cover
  2. book with an animal on the cover
  3. book by an author that is new to you
  4. book with a cover that is your favorite color
  5. historical or science fiction
  6. graphic novel
  7. mystery or fantasy
  8. book with a two word title
  9. book by an author with your first, last or middle name
  10. book in a series
  11. an award winner
  12. non-fiction book about something you’ve always wanted to learn about
  13. book from a library display
  14. book published this year
  15. book of poetry
  16. an audiobook
  17. genre that is new to you
  18. book by a NY author
  19. book you own but haven’t read
  20. book you loved when you were younger
  21. wildcard
  22. book of a movie/TV show you’ve already seen
  23. book older than you
  24. family member’s favorite book
  25. book you haven’t read by an author you love