Staff Contacts

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Danielle DeMicco Paisley, Director
631-654-4700, x302
Email Ms. Paisley

Jennifer Bollerman, Assistant Director
631-654-4700, x301
Email Ms. Bollerman

Department Supervisors

Adult Services
Bruce Silverstein
631-654-4700, x280
Email Mr. Silverstein

Children’s and Parents’ Services
Jessi Bouchelle
631-654-4700, x263
Email Ms. Bouchelle

Community Engagement
Jessica Oelcher
631-654-4700, x238
Email Community Engagement

Laura Accardi
631-654-4700, x225
Email Ms. Accardi

Public Services and Relations
Michele Cayea
631-654-4700, x270
Email Ms. Cayea

Spanish Outreach (servicios en español)
Lissetty Thomas-Johnson
631-654-4700, x224
Email Ms. Thomas-Johnson

Technology, Development & Sustainability
Jeri Cohen
631-654-4700, x250
Email Ms. Cohen

Teen Services
Brian Schwartz
631-654-4700, x254
Email Mr. Schwartz