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Financial Literacy Resources in the Library

Answers to 100 frequently asked questions about social security retirement benefits / edited by John Weber. 368.43 ANS – A latest edition draws on understandings of the Social Security Administration’s extensive publications, in a guide to the most essential questions about retirement benefits that includes coverage of the most recent changes, adjustments and limits. Original.

Barbarians of wealth : protecting yourself from today’s financial Attilas / Sandy Franks, Sarah Nunnally. 338.542 FRAPresents comparisons between the plundering barbarians of the Dark Ages and major Wall Street corporations in the present day.

Be thrifty : how to live better with less / edited by Pia Catton and Califia Suntree. 640.73 BEEncourages thrift behaviors including planting a garden, cooking at home, cutting one’s own hair, exercising with a gym membership, and avoiding or repaying credit card debt.

Beating the college debt trap : getting a degree without going broke / Alex Chediak. 378.38 CHEBeating the College Debt Trap presents students with a better way to do college. Chediak, a college professor with a heart for students, gets into the nitty-gritty of how to pay less for college, get work and make money during the college years, pay off any loans quickly, spend less, save more, and stay out of debt for good.

Dollars & sense : a kid’s guide to using–not losing–money / Elaine Scott ; illustrated by David Clark. J 332.024 SCOA guide for young readers about responsibly managing their money includes information about such topics as the history of money, the way the American economy works, and how to make important decisions about personal finance.

Guide to investing : what the rich invest in, that the poor and middle class do not! / [Robert T. Kiyosaki]. 332.024 KIYDescribes how the wealthiest percentage of the population handles investments, and suggests ways to follow their example, including building one’s own business in order to invest as a business, not an individual.

How to survive and prosper after a financial misfortune : a complete guide to your legal rights after bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, and eviction / by Tracy A. Carr ; with foreword by Jenna Keehnen. 346.7307 MATHow to Survive and Prosper After a Financial Misfortune will help you make the financial and personal decisions necessary to rebuild your life and come out on the other side. You will learn how to start rebuilding your credit immediately, how to shuck the social stigma associated with filing for bankruptcy, and what your rights are coming out of a repossession or eviction.

Idiot’s guides as easy as it gets! Personal finance in your 20s & 30s / by Sarah Young Fisher and Susan Shelly McGovern. 332.024 COMRevised and updated, this new edition of Idiot’s Guides: Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s, Fifth Edition, explains all the basic information you need to get started in life and plan for your future. You’ll learn how to manage all aspects of your personal finances, as well as enhance your financial plan to yield better returns on your investments.

Investing 101 : from stocks and bonds to ETFs and IPOs, an essential primer on building a profitable portfolio / Michele Cagan, CPA. 332.6 CAGPresents a hands-on introduction to investing, from short selling to risk tolerance, and includes information on stocks, bonds, real estate investments, commodity trading, and sustainable resource funds.

Jim Cramer’s get rich carefully / James J. Cramer. 332.024 CRAOutlines methodical strategies for high-yield, low-risk investing in the recovering economy based on the author’s own mistakes and successes, discussing long-term investing themes and the principles of investor discipline.

Millennial money makeover : escape debt, save for your future, and live the rich life now / Conor Richardson. 332.024 RICA financial guide for the American millennial. A relatable, easy-to-read, sequential, and comprehensive approach to paying off debt, building an automated savings system, buying life’s early stage big purchases, and teaching readers how to live the true millionaire lifestyle

The 529 college savings plan made simple / Richard A. Feigenbaum, David J. Morton. 378.38 FEIFew things can keep a parent awake at night like the seemingly daunting task of saving for a child’s education. Thankfully, the government has created the single greatest savings opportunity in many years—the 529 College Savings Plan.

The coffeehouse investor : how to build wealth, ignore Wall Street and get on with your life / Bill Schultheis. 332.024 SCHIn Coffeehouse Investor, Bill Schultheis show readers that by focusing more on their passions and creativity, and less on money and the hype and hysteria of Wall Street, they will actually build more wealth – and improve the quality of their lives at the same time. The prose may be charming, but the investment advice is powerful and timely. Successful investing has nothing to do with “hot” stocks and “cool” mutual funds, but is achieved by adhering to the three simple steps set forth in The Coffeehouse Investor.

The everything personal finance in your 20s and 30s book : eliminate your debt, manage your money, and build for an exciting financial future / Howard Davidoff. 332.024 DAVOffers young adults information on how to manage, save, and invest wisely.

The financial diaries : how American families cope in a world of uncertainty / Jonathan Morduch & Rachel Schneider. 332.024 MORCombining hard facts with the personal stories of 235 low- and middle-income families as they navigate through a year, the authors examine the economic stresses of today’s families and offer fresh ideas for solving them.

The money class : learn to create your new American dream / Suze Orman. (Also Available as an Audiobok) 332.024 ORMSuze Orman, the woman millions of Americans have turned to for financial advice, delivers a master class on personal finance and teaches her readers that the “New American Dream” is not the things they accumulate, but the confidence that comes from knowing that which they’ve worked so hard for cannot be taken away from them.

The smartest retirement book you’ll ever read / Daniel R. Solin. 332.024 SOLA simple, straightforward and easy-to-follow guide to retirement financial planning covers a wide range of topics including: investing during retirement, pension, social security, withdrawals, annuities, reverse mortgages, estate planning, insurance and healthcare.

Women & money / Suze Orman. 332.024 ORMExplores the complex relationship between women and money, addressing the impact of psychological practices and financial behavior on women’s finances and offering practical solutions to change how women handle their money.

Your money and your life : a lifetime approach to money management / Robert Z. Aliber. 332.024 ALIYour Money and Your Life helps readers to make the right financial decisions, at the right time of their lives, in an efficient and cost effective way with an eye towards today’s economic environment.

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