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For Families


Saturday, September 10 from 12pm-2pm
in Front of the Main Building

Have you ever had Gelato? Come try a sample of this delicious, cold treat during the St. Liberata Festival. While supplies last!

Pasta Necklaces

Saturday, September 10 from 12pm-4pm
in front of the Main Building
Create a festive necklace with us!

Family Bocce

Saturday, September 10 from 12pm-3pm
in front of the Carnegie Building
Practice your bocce skills with us!

For Teens

Thursday, September 6 from 5-6 pm at Carnegie 
Start celebrating the Feast of St. Liberata early by tasting a variety of gelato flavors!

Friday, September 9 from 5-6 pm at Carnegie
Fill some cannoli and learn to play bocce like a professional. A presto! 

bocce time

Borrow a Bocce set from the Library

Learn to play Bocce with Legislator Rob Calarco!

Read Italian newspapers by using pressreader through the Library!

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