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Long Island Love Stories

    Celebrating love, in its many forms – these books take place on Long Island.

    Love Invents Us by Amy Bloom (eBook)

    Elizabeth is the only child of parents whose indifference to her is the one sure thing in her life when real love – exhilarating, passionate, heartbreaking – enters her life in the gorgeous shape of Huddie Lester.

    The High Season by Judy Blundell (Book) (Large Print) (eBook) (Electronic Audiobook

    Forced to rent out her family’s seaside Long Island home every summer just so they can afford to keep it, Ruthie goes to extreme lengths to protect the life she loves in the wake of a suddenly estranged marriage, the return of an old flame, and her teen daughter’s destructive relationship.

    Heaven’s Price by Sandra Brown (Book)

    Dancer Blair is confronted with a difficult choice when a career-threatening injury forces her to put her life on hold and recuperate on Long Island, where she encounters Sean, her passionate and provocative new landlord.

    Luna Rising by Selene Castrovilla (eBook)

    Life begins at thirty-eight for Long Island mom and writer Luna Lampanelli, when she kicks her husband to the curb. She’s got her freedom, but what she wants is love.

    The House on Salt Hay Road by Carin Clevidence (eBook)

    An explosion at a fireworks factory throws the Poole siblings’ lives into chaos. Clay takes advantage of the upheaval to skip out of school, while Nancy gets wrapped up in the ash-covered stranger who appears after the explosion.

    Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro (Book) (eBook) (Electronic Audiobook) (Hoopla Audiobook)

    A novel about the complex dilemmas of early midlife – the vicissitudes of friendship, of romantic and familial love, and of sex.

    Three Junes by Julia Glass (eBook) (Audiobook) (Electronic Audiobook)

    An astonishing first novel that traces the lives of a Scottish family over a decade as they confront the joys and longings, fulfillments and betrayals of love in all its guises. In prose rich with compassion and wit, Three Junes paints a haunting portrait of love’s redemptive powers.

    I Flipping Love You by Helena Hunting (eBook) (Electronic Audiobook)

    When lawyer Pierce mistakenly accuses Long Island realtor Rian of a parking lot hit-and-run, they are both surprised by the immediate attraction between them. A love story about flipping houses, taking risks, and landing that special someone who’s move-in ready.

    Widow For One Year by John Irving (Book) (eBook)

    Chronicles the life of a complex, abrasive woman born in the shadow of her siblings’ deaths and her parents’ adultery, who only finds love after motherhood and widowhood

    Aloft by Chang-Rae Lee (Book) (eBook) (Hoopla Audiobook)

    Since the day his wife died, Jerry has turned avoiding conflict into an art form. From his comfortable distance, he can’t see the messy details, let alone begin to confront them. Jerry is learning that in avoiding conflict, he is also avoiding contact with the people he loves most.

    The Winter Girl by Matt Marinovich (Book) (eBook) (Electronic Audiobook)

    Attending a terminally ill parent during a Hamptons winter, Scott and Elise confront a growing dissatisfaction with their marriage that prompts a spiral of bad decisions made to reignite lost passion.

    Tiffany Blues by M.J. Rose (Book) (eBook) (Electronic Audiobook)

    A candidate at Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Jazz Age artist colony navigates her attraction to her host’s grandson and competes for a gallery spot before an unknown rival exposes her traumatic past.

    Down by the Water by Caroline Upcher (Book)

    Annabel sets about getting the chaotic Collins-Calder house in order, and finds to her surprise that as she does, her own heart begins to heal. When she meets Sheldon, a handsome local carpenter with penetrating blue eyes who has come to work on the house, she feels the stirring of emotions she thought she’d buried long ago.

    Cold Spring Harbor by Richard Yates (eBook)

    Evan meets Rachel after his car breaks down on her street. They marry quickly, but everything gets more difficult when they combine their families in a home in Cold Spring Harbor.

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