Long Island Watercolorists Show Off Their Work in New Group Exhibition

The Library is proud to present Landscapes & Still Lifes, a group exhibit featuring the artwork of select members of the Long Island Watercolorists. The Long Island Watercolorists are a group of of local artists that participate in weekly watercolor classes taught by Paul Padovano. The pastoral images of barns, seascapes, and flowers remind us to appreciate the simple things in life as they often bring us the most joy.

Installation View of Landscapes & Still Lifes

About the Artwork

The work that adorns that the gallery walls capture the natural beauty of the world around us. One work, John Bollmann’s Watermill Barn, depicts a historic barn covered in a blanket of snow. The barren tree branches stand out against the pale blue-gray sky and the snowy roof of the barn. The artist masterfully casts subtle shadows against the snowy ground. The painting’s nuances pull you into the scene and makes you contemplate the possibility of a snowy winter.

Long Island Watercolorists 1
John Bollmann, Watermill Barn

If you think it is too early for winter, you may enjoy Roseanne O’Reilly’s Fire Island Lighthouse. Here, the towering black and white lighthouse stands tall against a blue sky, which fills about two-thirds of the painted surface. Before you know it, you are already back on the beach, basking in the warmth of the sun.

Roseanne O’Reilly, Fire Island Lighthouse

In addition to landscapes, the exhibition hosts a variety of still lifes that capture the fine points of watercolor painting. One such work, Nancy DiStanto’s Flowers, depicts a close-up of several daisies, each one with a tint of purple that blends well with the green, yellow, and white that is also incorporated into the work. The bleeding effect of the colors stems from the distribution of water across the work’s surface, creating a nice painterly effect that enhances the overall mood of the work.

Long Island Watercolorists 3
Nancy DiSanto, Flowers

Landscapes and Still Lifes, featuring the artwork of the Long Island Watercolorists, is on display in the lower level Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery from September 3 to October 31, 2019.

Installation View of Landscapes & Still Lifes