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3D Printer Filament Colors

Makerbot Filament

  • True Red PLA
  • Pink PLA
  • Yellow PLA
  • True Blue PLA
  • Light Blue PLA
  • Green PLA
  • Shiny Olive Green PLA
  • Purple  PLA
  • Lavender PLA
  • Cool Gray PLA
  • True White PLA
  • True Black PLA
  • Shiny Gold PLA
  • Shiny Silver PLA
  • Shiny Copper PLA
  • Shiny Multicolor (Rainbow) PLA
  • Glow in the Dark PLA
  • Shiny Black/Red/Gold PLA
  • Light Blue PLA+

Ultimaker Filament

  • Red PLA
  • Orange PLA
  • Yellow PLA
  • Blue PLA
  • Green PLA
  • Magenta PLA
  • White PLA
  • Black PLA
  • Transparent PLA
  • Black Tough PLA
  • Gray ABS
  • Red TPU
  • Black TPU
  • White TPU
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