Medford Library Branch Update

The Library Board continues on a path to build a 5000 square foot branch in the Medford Athletic Complex on Horseblock Road in Medford. The Town of Brookhaven has leased the property to the Library at no cost, and the Medford Hamlet Foundation has generously donated $1.6 million towards the construction of the Library. The total project is projected at $2.5-3 million. The Library Board has committed $1 million from capital reserves to complete the project and was recently recommended to receive NYS construction aid in the amount of approximately $88,000. Please see the information below for the approximate location at the park and first sketch of the interior layout of the building. This is a first draft used to spark conversation and discussion, and changes will be made as we hear suggestions and continue to listen to the community. Updates for the project will be posted here on the website after each board meeting. Please reach out to the Director at x300 for any questions regarding this exciting new project.