‘Portraits and Landscapes in Oils’ by Dan Fusco Now on View

Now on view in the Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery is Portraits and Landscapes in Oils, a solo exhibit featuring the artwork of Dan Fusco.  Fusco, a fine artist from Long Island, prefers to use the slow-drying oil-based medium for his paintings, which allows him to gradually build up the layers of his canvases. This method lends the artist a higher degree of realism that cannot be achieved through acrylic and tempera based paints.

About the Artwork

The exhibition features a variety of portraits and landscapes created by the artist over the years. One such portrait, Self Portrait in Yellow, depicts the artist in a green shirt and baseball cap in front of a pale yellow background. The portrait renders a great deal of life-like details that the artist is able to capture in oil paint. His gray-white hair and creases in his skin reveal his older age. The artist turns his face 3-quarters towards the viewer with his eyes cast off into the distance. There is a great deal of luminosity in the composition as seen by the cast shadows of his baseball cap. He appears lost in thought, leaving the viewer to wonder what is on his mind.

Dan Fusco, Self Portrait in Yellow, 2013

Dan Fusco, Self Portrait in Yellow

One landscape on display is titled Sailing. Here, the artist depicts a barren, Western-like, desert setting – complete with jagged, stony mountains, and puffy cumulus clouds. Fusco captures the subtle effects of light as seen in the pinkish-blue hues that define the underbellies of the passing clouds. Dark shadows in the foreground suggest that a cloud is passing over the viewer. Upon seeing the work, the picturesque scene memorizes the viewer, transporting his or her to far off places, away from the library.

About Dan Fusco

Dan Fusco is a fine artist from Long Island, NY. He studied at Suffolk County Community College and the Art League of Long Island. He has exhibited his work at the Hutchings Gallery, Petite Gallery, and the Phoenix Gallery. Articles on the artist have been published in Artist2Artist Social Networkand Inspiration and Originality Underlined. 

Portraits and Landscapes in Oils, featuring the artwork of Dan Fusco, is on view at the Patchogue-Medford Library now through July 31 in the Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery.

Dan Fusco, Sailing

Dan Fusco, Sailing