Seascapes and Landscapes by Paul Padovano on view in Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery

Now on view in the lower level Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery is Seascapes & Landscapes, a solo exhibit featuring paintings by Paul Padovano. The works on display were created in oils, acrylics, and watercolors. He creates picturesque environments that transport the viewer to other places.

Paul Padovano, Sunset with Seagulls

The Artwork

Paul has a natural eye for constructing compositions. He composes his paintings in a manner that inspire awe and wonder. In the painting below, we have two fishermen positioned on a rocky bluff with their fishing lines cast out into the water. Their backs are turned towards us, creating a layer of removal between the subjects of the painting and the viewer. Paul captures the impression of time as the sky quickly changes color above as he transitions from vibrate yellows of the horizon to a rich bluish-purple. Paul makes no attempt to hide his brushstrokes as he applies thick layers of paint to the rocky landscape.

Paul Padovano, Fishermen

Whether he depicts real or imaginary scenes, all of the works on display have an atmosphere that the artist achieves through paint. In the work below, we have a scenic seascape in which the sun is rising above a tranquil inlet. The sun shines through the morning sky, giving a blue-undertone to the overhanging clouds. He uses the vibrant, yellow sky to bring out hints of green in the water below. Splotches of brown paint, representative of land, frames the composition, drawing your attention to the reflective seascape.

Paul Padovano, Seascape Inlet

About Paul Padovano

Paul Padovano is a self-taught, Long Island artist. He has shown his artwork at multiple galleries and libraries across the island. He is a member of the South Bay Art Association and Patchogue Sketch Club.

Seascapes & Landscapes, featuring the artwork of Paul Padovano, is on display at the Patchogue-Medford Library now through May 31 in the lower level Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery.

Paul Padovano, Untitled