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    South Bay Art Association Expresses Their Gratitude With New Exhibit

    ‘Tis the season to be thankful!

    The Patchogue-Medford Library is proud to present Things We Are Thankful For…, a juried, group exhibition featuring select members of the South Bay Art Association (SBAA). The works on display express the gratitude of each artist, and are made in a variety of different mediums ranging from photography, painting, mixed media and more. The exhibit is on view in the lower level Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery.

    The exhibit features work from the following artists: Mariann Anderson, Krystle DiNicola, Marion DiNicola, Jacqueline Dupré, Angela Flood, Laurie Fosmire, Amy Fox-Bisagni, Kenneth Jackson, Roseanne O’Reilly, Jeanne Rogers, Will Ryder, Khurshid Saleem, Laurie Samara-Schlageter, Pat Lee Sweeney, Joan Tavolott, and Robin Ziemacki.

    About the Artwork

    As noted above, the exhibit features a wide range of artwork done in a variety of different medias. One piece on display is Khurshid Saleem’s Abstraction. An abstract painting, here the artist appears to be thankful for the opportunity to express himself through his chosen medium. The artist highlights the formal qualities of his work as sections of paint are thickly applied to the surface.

    Khurshid Saleem, Abstraction

    While Saleem seems to appreciate the formal elements of painting, other artists express their gratuity in a more representational manner. Laurie Samara-Schlageter and Mariann Anderson, both express admiration for nature and their furry friends in their respective works, Companions and Untitled. Samara-Schlageter’s Impressionistic painting shows a woman and her dog walking along a wooded, dirt path on a clear, blue-sky day. Anderson’s sketch, on the other hand, is a categorized list of everything the artist appreciates. In addition to her pets and nature, the artist is thankful for music, books, and art, among other things.

    Laurie Samara-Schlageter, Companions

    About the South Bay Art Association

    South Bay Art Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit arts organization. SBAA, founded in 1956, encourages the creation and appreciation of the visual arts along the south shore of Long Island. For more information on the organization, and for a calendar of upcoming events, visit or call 631-256-SBAA.

    Things We Are Thankful For…, a group exhibit featuring select members of the South Bay Art Association, is now on view in our Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery through November 30, 2018.

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