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Through the Years | Paul Jay Edelson

    Now on view at the Patchogue-Medford Library is the solo exhibit Through the Years, featuring the paintings of Paul Jay Edelson. Edelson’s paintings are distilled, abstract variations of traditional subject matter such as landscapes, still lifes and portraiture. The artist pares down his subject matter to the essential, formal qualities to make a statement about the world around us. 

    About the Artwork

    Recalling notions of nature, Edelson searches for new ways to visualize his experiences in the painted medium. Oftentimes, Edelson reduces his subject matter to simplified, formal elements. An excellent example of this is the colorfully abstract work entitled Water, Water, We are Surrounded by Water. Gleamed from the title, one is able to discern the natural elements of a shoreline where the bottom half of the composition resembles a beach and the upper half appears to be subdivided into a seascape and sky above. The artist renders these natural features in flowing lines of color that alludes to the rippling effects of water and ocean breezes. The lower section of the painting blends in earthy tones of brown, yellow and green with the artist using a thin black line that runs across the midsection of the painting, which establishes the horizon line. Above this line appears a swirl of blues with sections of thickly applied white, giving the impression of foaming waves crashing towards the shore. In the top-most section, the artist applies a paler shade of blue throwing in yellow and red paint throughout to give the impression of reflected sunlight shining through clouds. The overall composition is a balanced juxtaposition of color that evokes a natural landscape that appears so commonplace for many on Long Island.

    Installation Shots

    About the Artist

    Paul Jay Edelson is a fine artist from Poquott, NY. His artwork has been exhibited across Long Island with select exhibitions at Gallery North (East Setauket, NY); the Long Island Museum (Stony Brook, NY); and the Catbird Seat Gallery (Sayville, NY). To see more work by the artist, visit

    Through the Years | Paul Jay Edelson is on view in the Claire Davidson Siegel Gallery, in the lower level of the Patchogue-Medford Library, from January 4 to February 24, 2023. A reception will be held on Sunday, February 12, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM. All are welcomed to attend.

    Paul Jay Edelson, Water, Water, We are Surrounded by Water
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