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    Women Sharing Art, Inc. Embraces Women's History Month
    All March Long

    For the month of March, we are celebrating Women’s History Month with a group exhibit by Women Sharing Art, Inc. Titled Women Sharing Art, Inc. Embraces Women’s History Month, the display features paintings, photos, mosaics and more from 15 members of the all women’s art organization. Artists on exhibit are: Tova Abrams, Victoria Beckert, Mirielle Belajonas, Sheri Berman, Pat D’Aversa, Doris Diamond, Janene Gentile, Kathie Gerlach, Gabriella Grama, Margaret Henning, Libby Hintz, Sue Miller, Kay O’Keefe, Dee O’Shea, Eileen Palmer and Linda Purrazzella.

    About the Artwork

    With such an electric range of artwork, from style to subject, the show is bound to attract a wide audience. One work on display is Pat D’Aversa’s Licking His Chops. Here, we find a grey wolf in stunning detail. The color palette of the photo is an array of gray-scale, except for the wolf’s red tongue and piercing, green eyes. You can almost feel its soft pelt as it stares, eagerly, at you.

    Pat D’Aversa, Licking His Chops

    A work that is sure to inspire is Sue Miller’s Mercy Otis Warren. In the photo, two young girls, with their backs turned from the viewer, stare up in awe at a statue of Mercy Otis Warren, an American Revolutionary writer, poet and dramatist. The picture’s point of view creates a towering image of the colonial woman as she looks down at the girls outside the Barnstable County Courthouse in Cape Cod, MA.

    Sue Miller, Mercy Otis Warren

    About the Group

    Women Sharing Art, Inc., founded in 2008, is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that provides avenues for women artists to nurture and encourage one another to further their artistic accomplishments. For more information on the group, visit their website.

    Artists Featured: Kay O’Keefe, Sheri Berman, Victoria Beckert, Linda Purrazzella, Tova Abrams, Pat D’Aversa, Doris Diamond, Gabriella Grama, Sue Miller, Eileen Palmer, Kathie Gerlach, Mirrielle Belajonas, Liddy Hintz, Dee O’Shea, Margaret Henning.

    Women Sharing Art, Inc. Embraces Women’s History Month  is a group exhibit featuring select members of Women Sharing Art, Inc. The display is on view in the Lower Level Lobby now through March 27, 2018.

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