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Extreme Book Challenge

Extreme Book Challenge

Are You Up to the Extreme Book Challenge?

Which Level Will You Tackle in 2023?


This year, there are 60 categories on our list. PML challenges you to choose your level and complete 25 or 50 categories!

Join the Facebook Group to talk about what you are reading and meet other participants!

Read, Review & Win!

Submit reviews of the books you read for a chance to be featured around the Library! PLUS each review will earn you a chance to win! Great local gift certificates will be raffled off quarterly! 


The Extreme Book Challenge runs from January 9, 2023, through December 22, 2023.


Click here to register online or register in person at the Reference Desk.

Select Your Challenge Level:

Intermediate Challenge:
Read 25 different books from 25 of the 60 Extreme Book Challenge Categories.

Master Challenge:
Read 50 different books from 50 of the 60 Extreme Book Challenge Categories.


Click here for the list of categories. There are 60 categories to choose from and two tier levels to receive your prize.

Join the Facebook Group to ask other readers for challenge book suggestions.

Books read for any other reading program or book club can be counted toward this challenge as long as they fit into one of the categories and are done by December 22, 2023.

Audiobooks can be counted toward the challenge.

All books finished before December 22, 2023, can be counted toward this challenge.

Only one category per book is allowed. You cannot use the same book for multiple categories.

Reading Log:

Click here for a printable reading log.

All books read for the Challenge need to be recorded in your Extreme Book Challenge reading log with the title and author.

Reading logs can be in almost any form; you just need to be able to show it to a staff member when you are done. Examples include a spreadsheet, a typed list, notebook entries, etc. 

Reading logs on smartphones will not be accepted. However, you can email them to us.

Completing the Challenge:

To be rewarded for finishing the Extreme Book Challenge, you will have to return to the Library and have a Library staff member sign off on your completed categories in your Extreme Book Challenge reading log by December 22, 2023.

Participants who finish the challenge by December 22, 2023, will receive an exclusive Extreme Book Challenge prize.

Bookish Vocabulary Words

Here is a list of words commonly used in the reading community, along with their definitions:

A “TBR” list or a “to-read” list is a list of books you plan on reading but haven’t gotten to yet. This is whatever you use to keep track of books you want to read. TBR stands for To Be Read.

There are many book-related communities located across social media platforms. Bookstagram refers to the community on Instagram, Booktok is for Tiktok, and Booktube is for Youtube!

A buddy-read is when two people read a book together at the same time, forming a mini book club. Grab a friend and share a book!

A DNF book refers to a book you started but “did not finish.” These books do not count towards the Extreme Book Challenge. All logged books must be finished in their entirety.

Extreme Book Challenge FAQ

Yes! While everyone is encouraged to experience as many new stories as possible, sometimes rereading a familiar book can unlock new meaning within the pages. Use this challenge as an opportunity to get out of your box, but feel free to fall back on an old favorite when necessary.

Twenty-five books is quite the achievement! This year, we’ve created a lower “intermediate” challenge. To complete the “intermediate” challenge, we challenge you to read 25 different books from 25 different categories before December 22, 2023. For completing the intermediate level, you will receive the intermediate level prize.

Fifty books is a lot of books! To complete the “master” challenge, we challenge you to read 50 different books from 50 different categories before December 22, 2023. For completing the master level. you will receive both the intermediate level prize as well as an additional reward.

We’ve put together a list of books for each category. This list is accessible by clicking on the desired category on this page

Additionally, you can see our weekly EBC book display directly across from the Reference Desk.

If you’re still struggling to find a book, you can always ask a librarian, another EBC member in our Facebook group, or get a book recommendation here.

Use Udemy on Mobile:
Udemy Business is available on mobile for both iOS and Android. Download the iOS app or Android app wherever you download your apps.
Once the app is downloaded you will be prompted to input your organization’s account name. Input “gale” without the quotes. 

Please note that the Udemy Business app is distinct, and Udemy Business accounts cannot be accessed via the mobile app.

The Udemy Business Android mobile app is not supported on Chromebooks or Chrome OS devices.